Kimberley Webb Dietitian Services include:


1:1 Online Nutritional Counselling via Telehealth


Nutritional counselling will aim to explore:

Your food and/or body image goals, your lived experience with food and your body image through to present day and how these influence current eating behaviours/thoughts around food.

We will then tailor our nutrition counselling and intervention to suit your goals and requirements.

This is a high consent, trauma informed process where you will only be asked to share information and work at the pace you feel comfortable at. We recommend at least 5 nutrition consultations with a plan to review. We accept Medicare plans, private health insurance and NDIS (as applicable).


How do I book?

Option to book via the website or email: [email protected]

Cost for Telehealth: $200 for initial consultation (60-90min), $175 for review consultation (50min).

We know there is no ”one size fits all”, and that’s why our approach is flexible. We focus on your personal goals and provide individualised strategies to suit. You will also not feel alone on this journey.

Ready to book or want to learn more?

Jump on a call with Kimberley to learn how she can support you in reconnecting with food, your body and yourself.